Concept of internal conflict and method of solution (5)

sandalBy Suleiman Sandal
Domestic conflicts are scattered around the globe and often taking place within states. They are likely to be the dominant forms of conflict almost all of the approximately thirty large-scale conflicts since the end of the cold war. We can deal with three main types of domestic conflicts: elite, factional, and communal conflicts. These types of conflict are relevant to the situation in the Sudan. Elaborating them is necessary.
Elite Conflicts
Definition and space virtually restrict elite conflict. It takes place in the capital cities and among the upper echelons of the government apparatus. It is so prevalent precisely because it relates directly to the everyday activities of the

political leadership regarding the bureaucratic appointment, policy direction, and government allocation. The aim of a vying elite is to affect policy decisions to Strengthen their position in the hierarchy, to have a say in the molding of policy, and as a result to increase their share of the political pie.
Conflicts of elite always take place behind the curtain; allies are women through lavish entertainment, gifts, and promises of appointment lobbying. In a party system, due conflict takes place in the parliament and the central organs of the party. The nature of elite conflict is mostly legal and non-violent. It sometimes happens through petitions or demonstration. A practical example is student riot because the ladies of the elite is to gain more benefit from the system rather than underpinning its foundation.
Factional conflicts Factional conflicts, in many respects elite conflicts writ large are nevertheless distinct: they assume different dimensions, possess their unique dynamic, and carry quite separate implications. Factional strife, organized by elites, however, reaches out to a variety of social groups and down to the local level. This mobilization takes place to access further to the center, increase in participation and even control of the government and influence political outlooks as well as specific policies.

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